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Re: [sumo-user] Different vehicle behavior in same surroundings

Sorry for the ambiguous answer. When I wrote 'A solution would be in (and then saving state before running B)',
what I meant was: If the linked issue were fixed, then you could save and load states to rewind the RNG (i.e. using traci.simulation.saveState).
And what I really meant was: While there is currently no way to reset the RNG, there is no hard technical or architectural reason against this.

In fact, I implemented the linked issue now. If you download the updated development version tomorrow, you can test out the new option --save-state.rng
Consider it experimental and please report any issues you encounter.


Am Mo., 20. Apr. 2020 um 11:38 Uhr schrieb Branka Mirchevska <brankamircevska@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hey Mirko,

thanks for the reply.

Yes I also saw that about the rng not being saved, i just thought it is
implemented by now since Jakob wouldn't have suggested it as a solution in
the first place.

Regarding why not restarting sumo, I think it saves time if I run a lot of
scenarios one after the other...but I might have to do it that way.


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