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Re: [sumo-user] Different vehicle behavior in same surroundings

Hello Jakob,

if I understood you correctly, when I run scenarios A, B, C, D, you are
suggesting that I save the state of the simulation before I run each next
scenario. Then if I only want to run scenario C, I load that particular
state saved before running C in the sequence A, B, C, D and the behavior
should be the same.

If that is correct, I have another question:

I am only starting sumo once and I specify the params like this:
        traci.start([sumo_binary, "-c", self.cfg_file,
                                 "--lanechange.overtake-right", "False",
                                 "--no-internal-links", "False",
                                 "--collision.action", "none",
                                 "--no-step-log", "True"], label="sim%d" %

If I include --save-state.times here and set it to 0.2 so that I save the
state at the beginning of the scenario, this will happen only once since
even if I run the sequence A,B,C,D  I don't restart sumo in between.

Is there another way of saving the state before each reset of sumo (not



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