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Re: [sumo-user] Different vehicle behavior in same surroundings

Hello Jakob,

I took a look at the output files, there has been an oversight and I wasn't
using the randomly generated seed, thanks for pointing that out!

I would like to know, if there is a way I can make sure that whenever I ran
scenario B, regardless of how many scenarios I have ran before it (without
restarting Sumo), I get exactly the same behavior of the surrounding
vehicles (given of course that I don't change the behavior of the one
remotely controlled vehicle).

This is important because I want to keep track of collisions caused by the
remotely controlled vehicle, and a slight change of the behavior of the
surrounding vehicles, next time I ran the simulation, may result in no

This is the setting: I have fixed scenarios A, B, C, D, ...., Z (different
num. of vehicles, starting positions etc). I automatically evaluate the
performance of the remotely controlled vehicle on all of them. After the
evaluation is done, I detect that in scenario K there has been a collision.
I want to directly run just that one scenario and inspect it to see what
happened, without the possibility that I see something else now due to
slightly changed behavior of the other vehicles.

Thank you!


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