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Re: [sumo-user] Different vehicle behavior in same surroundings

Hi Branka,

as far as I understand the simulation state feature (see, it does not save the state of the RNG. Jakob just pointed out that they are planning to make this work, but haven't done it yet. What makes you prefer starting SUMO once instead of repeatedly opening and closing it? As you seem to use TraCI, this should be pretty easy with some more lines of code...?


Am 20.04.2020 um 11:18 schrieb Branka Mirchevska:
Hello Jakob,

if I understood you correctly, when I run scenarios A, B, C, D, you are
suggesting that I save the state of the simulation before I run each next
scenario. Then if I only want to run scenario C, I load that particular
state saved before running C in the sequence A, B, C, D and the behavior
should be the same.

If that is correct, I have another question:

I am only starting sumo once and I specify the params like this:
         traci.start([sumo_binary, "-c", self.cfg_file,
                                  "--lanechange.overtake-right", "False",
                                  "--no-internal-links", "False",
                                  "--collision.action", "none",
                                  "--no-step-log", "True"], label="sim%d" %

If I include --save-state.times here and set it to 0.2 so that I save the
state at the beginning of the scenario, this will happen only once since
even if I run the sequence A,B,C,D  I don't restart sumo in between.

Is there another way of saving the state before each reset of sumo (not



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