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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.11.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.11.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you the longest list of changes we have ever had. There are
plenty of enhancements and bugfixes for all applications and we added many new
tools that we hope you'll find useful.

Even though the list below is long, it only contains a subset of all changes.
For the full list, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- Simulation
  -  Traffic light type "NEMA" is now supported and implements a NEMA compliant dual-ring controller. (Thanks to Qichao Wang and NREL)
  -  Added new electric vehicle model "MMPEVEM". (Thanks to Kevin Badalian and the MMP, RHTW Aachen)
  -  Detectortype (E1, E2, E3) now support attribute 'detectPersons' to detect pedestrians and passengesr.
  -  Added option --weights.separate-turns which allows route-search to distinguish travel times by turning direction
  -  BoardingDuration / loadingDuration are now also applied when exiting a vehicle.
  -  Parking search now employs memory of previously visited and occupied parking areas.
  -  Taxi simulation now supports the use of multiple taxi fleets and customer choice of fleet.
  -  Stopping against the direction of traffic is now possible.

-  sumo-gui
  - Improve positioning of persons in vehicles.
  - Clicking on timestamps in message window now creates breakpoints with a configurable offset.
  - Coloring of stop lines can now be switched to "realistic" mode.
  - Added extra colors for 'stopped' in vehicle coloring scheme 'by speed'
  - Added number of stopped vehicles to network parameters.
  - Meso vehicles are now drawn with interpolated positions
  - Segment boundaries are now drawn in meso simulation.
  - in meso, stops are now indicated when 'show route' is active.

- netedit
  - Added new 'Lock' menu to protect different types of objects from inspect,move,select and delete operations.
  - Objects within a polygon boundary can now be selected by using the polygon context menu.
  - Added options to set the default names for new objects. The new default prefix for edges is 'E' and the new prefix for junctions is 'J'.
  - Newly created reverse-direction edges now receive an id based on the forward direction edge and a '-' sign.
  - Generic parameters (<param>) of traffic light programs can now be edited in the traffic light frame.
  - stopOffset (bike box) can now be defined.
  - Object attributes that are computed rather than user-defined (i.e. edge length) are now distinguished in blue.
  - Intervals and child-elements of rerouters and VSS can now be inspected.
  - <DEL>-key can now be used in inspect mode to delete the currently inspected element.
  - Selection mode can now filter for attributes that have/haven't an empty value using '=' and '^' operators.

- TraCI
  - Added function 'traci.simulation.getEndTime' to retrieve the --end value that was set when starting sumo.
  - addSubscriptionFilterTurn can now be combined (additively) with addSubscriptionFilterLateralDistance and with addSubscriptionFilterLanes.
  - Added function 'traci.person.remove'
  - Added functions to retrieve aggregated traffic measures from E3-detector.
  - Libtraci now supports 'Simulation::start'.
  - Added functions to control the split and offset of NEMA-type controllers.

- tools
  - Added tool to generated 2D-plots from arbitrary attribute of XML files.
  - Added tool for adding taz information to route files.
  - Added tool which generates a tazRelation-file (OD-Matrix) from a taz-file and route-file.
  - Added tool to count passenger number in vehicle over time
  - Added tool to analyze deviations between loaded public transport schedules and simulation timing.
  - Added tool to analyze reroute times and distances for parking search traffic.
  - Added tool for aggregating tripinfo output by vType
  - added option --min-count to set mininum number of counting locations for each used route.
  - added option --opposite-visible to ensure that parking areas on the opposite direction road are visible.
  - received new options to define stops at parkingAreas, add stops to persons and to define stationary (parking) traffic.
  - Added options --stop-duration-slack, --speedfactor.bus and --speedfactor.tram to generated public transport schedules that are robust against delays
  - now avoids duplicate sidewalks when building a simulation with persons.

- misc
  - netconvert: Added option --osm.sidewalks. This permits to import complete sidewalk data from OSM.
  - netgenerate: The option --bidi-probability can now be used to control the generation of reverse edges for grid and spider networks. When set to 0, pure oneway networks are generated.
  - od2trips & marouter: tazRelation files (as written by netedit) are now supported as OD-matrix definition.
  - duarouter & jtrrouter: Added option --named-routes which writes routes with an id and lets vehicles reference them.
  - meso: Tau value of vehicles types now affect simulation (by acting as a multiplier on the segment tau value)
  - marouter: --netload-output now includes 'density' and 'laneDensity' and 'speedRelative'.

=== Bugfixes ===

- Simulation
  - fixed several bugs that could case the simulation to crash or not terminate
    (including a regression for parallel simulation in 1.10.0)
  - fixed several bugs that could cause collisions or emergency braking
  - Fixed invalid edges and exitTimes in vehroute-output when using rerouting and looped routes.
  - Fcd-output no longer includes persons in vehicle when person-device.fcd is disabled.
  - Fixed invalid human readable times in tripinfo output (affecting sub-second values).
  - Fixed multiple bugs related to parking search traffic
  - Fixed lower-than-configured boardingTime when many persons are entering.
  - Fixed departSpeed related errors when using vehrouter-output as simulation input.

- netedit
  - Fixed probability statistics and coloring in taz mode. (regression in 1.7.0)
  - Fixed crash when creating reverse edge with "both directions" active. (regression in 1.8.0)
  - Inverting selection of shapes now works even when no edges are loaded. (regression in 1.9.2)
  - BusStops with '/' in their name can now be loaded gain. (regression in 1.10.0)
  - Fixed several bugs that could cause crashing
  - Fixed slow operation when inspecting large objects, switching super modes or loading large input files
  - Fixed lost window focus.
  - trainStops with access can now be loaded.
  - Fixed several issues related to taz and taz mode
  - Copying one of several traffic light programs now copies the correct one.
  - Attribute 'opposite' is now updated when changing lane count and preserved when splitting edges
  - Fixed errors and data loss when loading traffic demand elements
  - Fixed various usability issues related to tazRelation editing.

- sumo-gui
  - Fixed invalid person angle in output.
  - Fixed slow stepping when the simulation has little to do.
  - Coloring by edgeData is now working in meso.
  - Edge color value is now correct when coloring 'by angle'.
  - Fixed freezing in person simulation.

- netconvert
  - Fixed invalid permissions for some bicycle and pedestrian lanes in OSM import.
  - Connection attribute visibility is now working if the connection has an internal junction.
  - Fixed invalid connections after guessing bicycle lanes.
  - Option --no-turnarounds.geometry now ignores pedestrian paths and bike paths that attach to the main road.
  - Fixed crash when importing OpenDRIVE with internal lane shapes when the input defines no width.
  - Fixed errors and invalid shape when converting short roads with arc-geometry from OpenDRIVE.

- duarouter
  - Fixes crashing when loading personFlow or containerFlow
  - Fixed bug where some input flows where ignored when preceded by non-flow elements.
  - tranship with attributes from,to is no longer ignored.
  - Persons and containers with depart=triggered are now written in the correct order: directly after their intended vehicle.
  - Fixed invalid treatment of loaded routeDistribution input.
  - Fixed bug where vehicles change their route despite option --keep-route-probability.
  - Fixed inconsistent railway routing results when using option --weights.priority-factor compared to sumo results.
  - Stop attribute 'actType' is now preserved.
  - Option --weights.random-factor now influences routing results when using --routing-algorithm CH or CHWrapper.

- TraCI
  - Removing and reinserting a vehicle in the same step is now working.
  - Fixed invalid result of vehicle.getDistance after vehicle.moveToXY, and vehicle.moveTo.
  - Subscription filter "turn" now includes foe on junction.
  - 'traci.vehicle.getLaneChangeState' no longer inclues 'TraCI' in the 'state-without-traci' component.
  - Fixeds bug where command 'traci.vehicle.changeLane' was ignored in sublane simulation.
  - Function 'traci.vehicle.replaceStop' no longer fails while on junction.
  - Fixed missing vehicles when using subscriptionFilterLateralDistance.

- tools
  - Fixed crash when there are two stops on the same edge. (regression in 1.10)
  - Fixed infinite loop.
  - Fixed problem when there are 2 parkingAreas on the same edge.

- misc
  - meso: Fixed crash when using taxi device (regression in 1.9.2)
  - marouter: Fixed invalid route-not-found error.
  - polyconvert: Fixed hidden buildings due to invalid default layers in OSM typemap.

Have fun with the new release,
Angelo, Laura, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael and Yun-Pang.

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