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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.10.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.10.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you the new car following model EIDM (Thanks to Dominik
Salles). There are also improvements for pedestrian simulation (routing),
bicycle simulation (indirect turning) and railway simulation (moving block mode).
It also fixes several bugs related to state loading and junction collisions.

There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below.  For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- simulation
  - CarFollowModel 'EIDM' (extended IDM) is now supported.  (Thanks to Dominik Salles)
  - Added option --persontrip.walk-opposite-factor FLOAT which can be used to discourage walking against traffic flow (for FLOAT < 1).
  - Persons that walk against the flow of traffic now walk on the left side of the road rather than in the middle
  - Rail signals can now be switched into "moving block" mode where they only guard against flanking and oncoming trains.
  - Vehicle stops now support attribute 'posLat' to stop with a lateral offset. .
  - Attribute 'latAlignment' now supports numerical values to configure a fixed offset from the center line.
  - Persons with different vClasses are now supported (i.e. 'ignoring' to walk on a forbidden road).
  - Element `<walk>` now supports attriubte 'departLane' (i.e. to place a person on the road lane instead of the sidewalk).
  - A warning is now issued if a person is configured to use a vType with the default vehicular vClass 'passenger'.
  - Each distinct collision now creates exactly one warning message (even if the situation persists due to --collision.action warn).
- netconvert
  - Indirect (bicycled) turns can now be created by setting connection attribute 'indirect'.
  - Option --default.spreadtype roadCenter can now be used to improve the geometry of edges with different lane numbers per direction when importing OSM.
  - Option now enables the import of additional bike paths
  - Tag foot=yes/no is now imported from OSM to adapt permissions for pedestrians.

- duarouter
  - Attributes fromLonLat and toLonLat are now supported for personTrip.
  - Attributes 'x', 'y' and 'lon', 'lat' can now be used in place of stop attribute 'edge' and 'endPos'.

- traci
  - Added function 'traci.vehicle.getTimeLoss' to retrieve the timeLoss since departure.
  - Added new speed mode bit to control right-of-way compliance w.r.t. foe vehicles within an intersection.

- tools
  - Added new tool to visually observe a simulation that is running without gui (i.e. on a remote server).
  - now supports plotting by kilometrage (fcd-output.distance).
  - various improvements and fixes to

=== Bugfixes ===

- simulation
  - Fixed several bugs related to loading saved state
  - Fixed several bugs related to opposite direction driving
  - Fixed collision with indirect left turn at priority junction (requires network with new 'indirect' attribute).
  - Fixed collision on junction due to premature acceleration.
  - Lane closing (via rerouter) now triggers strategic changing for all vehicles.
  - Fixed invalid strategic lane choice in multimodal network.
  - Fixed emergency braking in sublane simulation.

- sumo-gui
  - Fixed briefly invisible vehicle while passing short internal edge. (regression in 1.9.0)
  - Fixed flickering whiile vehicles drive on the opposite side.
  - Fixed hidden context menu near the screen border.

- netedit
  - Fixed unwanted modification of lane/edge permissions after leaving the dialog with 'Cancel'.
  - Fixed errors related to additional objects on edges with length/geometry mismatch.
  - Fixed crash in tls mode after deleting lanes.
  - Fixed crash when setting invalid edge in rerouter dialog.
  - Default edge permission in create edge mode are now working.

- netconvert
  - Fixed missing bus permissions in OSM import.
  - Fixed invalid junction shape at geometry-like junction with crossing
  - Fixed duplicate busStops when importing public transport lines from OSM.
  - Fixed missing pedestrian permissions when importing OSM.

- traci
  - Fixed crash when calling vehicle.moveTo.
  - Fixed missing follower information when calling 'traci.vehicle.getFollower' while on an internal edge.
  - Libtraci now supports multiple traci client.

Have fun with the new release,
Yun-Pang, Angelo, Laura, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Giuliana, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias and Michael

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