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[stp-dev] Problem building / running org.eclipse.stp.core.tests.infrastructure

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get the STP build sorted out so that it compiles but am still running into problems getting it up and running.

The troublesome plugin is org.eclipse.stp.core.tests.infrastructure. If I load load it into eclipse and try to use the eclipse PDE tools to generate a build.xml I get the following error:

Unable to find element: org.eclipse.stp.core.tests.infrastrucutre.

If I try to run the tests as a junit test I get an error stating no classloader is found for the plugin.

I'm stumped now, and the org.eclipse.stp.core.tests plugin runs fine and can generate a build.xml.

Would somebody out there who's familiar with this plugin (or the error messages I'm seeing) be able to get back to me either via email or on aim / yahoo as askehill ?

Thanks in advance,

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