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Re: [stp-dev] Work items...

Hi Alex,

I was initially thinking about support 1.1 first as that is what the WTP WSDL editor currently supports. One of the things though that I'd like to get from closer co-operation with the WTP is a path that will then allow us to move to WSDL 2.0.


Alex Boisvert wrote:

Hi Adrian,

Related to WSDL, I'm curious to hear your thoughts or plans regarding WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 support. Is the plan to support WSDL 1.1 first, or WSDL 2.0 first? Perhaps work on them in parallel?


Adrian Skehill wrote:

I would like to propose the following for items of work that the STP:

-> Continuation of the development of the initial contribution of JAX WS support. There is only support for a very limited number of tags presently and this would need to be rounded out quite significantly. We should also evaluate the suitability of this for addition to the WTP as it would appear to be also suited to this space.

-> Update of Celtix Exemplar to leverage the STP Deployment Framework and achieve complete round trip development which would follow on from one of your work items below.

-> Provision for the addition of a WSDL First editing mode for STP. This would leverage the WTP WSDL editor but would need to be capable of integrating with the components within the STP project. I'd like to spend some up-front time investigating and seeing how best we could support this.

We are now in the planning stage for our next areas of work so if people would like to get back to me with their thoughts we can feed that directly into our planning efforts.


Oisin Hurley wrote:
Hi all,
I'm collecting a list of things that we could work on in the near
future - with the intent to produce a definitive list of content for
an M1 release. I've got my list below - in no particular order of
priority - I'd like to see yours ;)

Focus here is on *integration* of subprojects.

-> a core introspector for jaxws contrib
-> a core introspector for tuscany implementation artifacts
-> a means to visualize an assembly in the core model
-> integration of the core and deployment framework
   i.e. a way to link services with deployment targets
-> integration of  the deployment framework and deployment
   aspects of the WTP (work with WTP on this)

At the end of the day we should be able to do a drive-thru of
service -> model -> deploy for a couple of services.

Any thoughts?

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