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[stp-dev] IONA Initial Contribution

Hi All,

IONA has made it's first initial code contribution to the STP project. It consists of two major pieces, a JAX WS framework contribution to allow generic JAX-WS support and a Celtix specific implementation, bugs 150905 & 150908.

This contribution is located under the org.eclipse.stp.servicecreation module in CVS. Owing to my lack of experience with CVS there's a few empty directories in there, if somebody more familiar with CVS could point me at a way of permanently getting rid of these dirs I'd really appreciate it!

It is now our intention to continue to further flesh out and develop out this functionality within the scope of the STP project so if there's any particular features you'd like to see the please feel free to feed back to the list or contact me directly.

I will be spending this week working on getting this contribution up and running with the STP automated build system and start to get regular drops of the STP available for people to download. In the meantime, to use this functionality, you'll need to download the source into your development eclipse and build it there.

Kind Regards,
Adrian Skehill.

Principal Engineer,
IONA Technologies.

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