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[stem-dev] STEM Community Call October 6, 2016

Notes from the STEM Community Call on October 6, 2016


On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Matt, Nereyda, Werner, Judy


1. STEM Integration Build is up

*Problem when in batch mode running short simulations with Windows fixed (see item 4 below)

*Milestone set for October 20, 2016

*Date for new version not yet set; awaits completion of work on evolving disease model


2. Ongoing Feature Work

*Jamie: No update at this time on work with UC Davis on genomics and evolving disease model

*Nereyda: STEM modeling of pandemics in biodefense going well; not needing to do a lot of interventions; will have more updates next month

Jamie: Suggests contacting Simone Bianco re high/low dimensional model


3. Updates

*Kun: Collaboration in place with Santa Clara public health officials on West Nile disease

*Kun: Gave two presentations on STEM as platform to study Zika; one in Miami, where they are focused on local transmission; the other in Brazil, where they have issues re regional differences in transmission; Jamie advises looking at environmental variables, Kun is discussing interplay with dengue with Mark

*Kun: In contact with a Philippine team working to calibrate a model to study a hookworm type of infection common in the area

*Jamie: Visited Colorado State University; researchers there have relationships with USDA and beef producers, vet is studying antimicrobial resistance   

*Werner: Will give 15-20 presentation on STEM to Science WG at Eclipse Europe; Kun will send him 5-10 recent slides on using STEM to model  mosquito-borne disease


4. Bugs
*Bug 501321: Logger problem with Windows; sequencer paused early; got rid of time delay and set logger for a year; bug appears resolved for Emily Mitchell, the STEM community member who reported it BUT per Jamie question remains how often the logger tries to write data and whether there is a threading issue in the code somewhere


5. Items from Participants

*None raised


6. Next Call: Thursday, November 3, 2016

Contact judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx for call in instructions if you would like to join in the call



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