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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

Notes from the STEM Community Call

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Next call: July 7, 2016


On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Nereyda, Matthias, Judy


1. STEM Milestone build 3.0.3 

*Jamie: Will use integration build which includes a number of important fixes

*Stefan: Will put up on June 16, 2016

*Judy: Will post date on wiki

2. Feature requests

*Jamie: Work with UC Davis on evolving disease model to address genome

Using campylobacter data on crows, farm animals, primates

Running but slow     

*Nereyda: Progress with travel model

                All is running fine

Will finish up models by end of June


3. Updates

*Zika: Carry to next call

*Jamie: Evolving disease model w/ UC Davis microbiologists on campylobacter genome (See item 2 above)

Working on papers this summer

Discussing with an interested foundation that wants cost guesstimates with cost matching

Exploring partnership with Tennessee Public Health Dept. which has 1000s of case reports

TO DO: Jamie will send draft white paper to Matthias

*Contact with mathematical modeler Dirk Brockmann at RKI, the Berlin federal institute for disease control and prevention: Carry to next call          

*JUG Meeting in Berlin May 10, working group/demo camp events in May and June: Carry to next call

4. Bugs
*Bug 465981: Kamesh’s problem with dengue model to be verified (pending)

*Running headless: Fixed; documentation on wiki; Stefan will note resolution on Bugzilla if bug is numbered


5. Items from participants

*Nereyda asked if Jamie needed more information to support her on her grant

*Matthias reported that BfR’s climate project proposal has gotten some attention, might draw on earlier proposal; also pursuing harmonizing and exporting data components across formats; when have funding will pursue work with STEM

*Jamie: Aussies have a climate project, plan to develop a STEM plug in, an API like; will give historical and more current data; in principle, STEM should be able to handle the plug in    




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