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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM Community Call

Notes from the STEM Community Call on Thursday, March 3, 2016


On call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Matt, Nereyda, Roslyn, Raymond, Judy


Next call: Thursday, April 7th


1. Welcome and introductions: Roslyn Hickson, IBM Australia and Raymond Lara, IBM Manila


2. Status update STEM Version 3.0.2, aka Java 8/Eclipse 4 build

Latest integration build to milestone 3.0.2

*Jamie: Exceptions when updating metadata and website to be resolved

3. Feature requests

Evolving disease model to address genome

*Jamie: Work ongoing

Downloadable example of extended shape file capabilities using a Pajek file

*Jamie: Received from Chris, had problems; will work to resolve   

Progress with travel model, travel restrictions and interventions

*Nereyda: Will work on model this month


3. Updates

Possible new feature request for open source map data 

*Jamie: EU maps have low res, US maps high res; don’t update unless there’s a reason 

Global Biohealth Conference

*Nereyda: Represented IBM STEM team, used slides from Jamie in her presentation; excellent public health forum; many attendees from Latin America; Almaden may attend next year


*Kun: Still talking about this

*Nereyda: Brazil at Global Biohealth Conference still trying to confirm cases; mild disease; 4 of 5 asymptomatic; correlation with microcephaly unproven at this point

4.  Bugs
Bug 465981: Kamesh’s problem with dengue model

New bug: Running headless. Matt to do workaround

New bug [#465981?]: Batch experiment failing when adding decorator


5. Items from participants

Judy: Will continue to send Zika info to Kun

Kun: Workshop with Roslyn and Raymond on STEM and epidemiology ongoing; Jamie: Stress testing current version of STEM

Jamie: Need to schedule update of 3.0.2 in June (still a milestone)

Jamie: May change time to accommodate those in other time zones


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