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Re: [soa-pmc] It's time to terminate STP


My comments inline:

Il 12/01/2012 15:46, Wayne Beaton ha scritto:
FWIW, "Top Level Project" has a specific meaning in the EDP.  Your list looks like a bunch of bundles from stp.model (Intermediate Model). Is this correct?

Yes we definitely don't need all the stp.model stuff, but only the bundles that ebpm require.

The EDP requires that we engage in a Restructuring review. It's a relatively simple affair, requiring only a short description of what needs to move and where. We can include it in the STP termination documentation. i.e. we can combine the STP termination review with a stp.model move review. Once we have all the answers, I'll finish up the termination/move documentation and schedule the review.

Ok for me, but as i said above we're going to move and mantain in ebpm repositories only the bundles of intermediate model required by ebpm ( for example ebpm does not need the sca stuff... ).

Does moving to stp.model to eBPM make general sense? Does it fall under the scope of eBPM? Does anybody else depend on this code?

The ( ideal )right way to go ( for eBPM too.. ) would be a transition to Mangrove project,
but we need to mantain that code for two reason:

1) A migration is not always possible ( production  projects using that code probably will not be migrated )
2) Actually in eBPM project we've planned a migration, but we have don't made yet...

What of stp.policy?

Don't know nothing about this.


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