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[soa-pmc] It's time to terminate STP

AFAICT, there are two things stopping me from terminating STP: stp.model and stp.policy. These subprojects were created as components when we had such a notion. If they are to be moved, then the code contained in these components can be moved to an existing project. Or--since all "components" automatically became projects when we changed the EDP--we can simply move these "projects" under SOA and be done with it. What makes sense?

FWIW, there were a handful (14) of commits against stp.model in 2011.

The termination documentation [1] indicates that all other components/subprojects are to be terminated and archived.

I want to move forward with this. Would setting an arbitrary deadline help?

What else I can do to move this forward?


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton

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