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Re: [soa-pmc] It's time to terminate STP

Hi Wayne,

The SOA ebpm project still depends on the following in STP top level projects:


that are located  at "..svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.intermediate-model/org.eclipse.stp.model/trunk/".

BTW i agree with you that it's time to terminate the STP project.

On the other side we have ebpm ( and the spagic stack ) deployed and installed in a lot of projects so
we need to continue support on this code.

A migration to Mangrove project is planned, but even if we'll made the migration of the code, we still need
to mantain the old code too for mantainance reason.

So my proposal, is to move this code in the SOA/ebpm repository where the ebpm group  can continue to mantain
and use it. I'm not sure if this required a CQs or some formal steps, or if we can simply proceed to check in
the code in the ebpm repository.

This seems to be a reasonable solution for us. Let me know if this ok for you.


Il 11/01/2012 20:35, Wayne Beaton ha scritto:
AFAICT, there are two things stopping me from terminating STP: stp.model and stp.policy. These subprojects were created as components when we had such a notion. If they are to be moved, then the code contained in these components can be moved to an existing project. Or--since all "components" automatically became projects when we changed the EDP--we can simply move these "projects" under SOA and be done with it. What makes sense?

FWIW, there were a handful (14) of commits against stp.model in 2011.

The termination documentation [1] indicates that all other components/subprojects are to be terminated and archived.

I want to move forward with this. Would setting an arbitrary deadline help?

What else I can do to move this forward?


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