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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Platform UI R3.0 icon refresh.

First of all I like the new look.


5. The new looks better because it doesn't look so crowded as the old one.

11. It isn't obvious what the colors red, yellow, blue stand for.

15. & 114. at 1280x1024 the 1's and 0's are hard to see, at 1024*768 they're

27. at 1280x1024 it's hard to tell that it's supposed to be a torch; more
contrast could help

29. head could be a little bit larger and legs a little bit longer

31. at 1280x1024 it's hard to tell that it's supposed to be a printer

47. & 48. like the new icons; the old ones are just plain ugly

60. new one doesn't symbolize collapse all

72. red is the color of a stop sign; so stop should be in red

77. at 1280x1024 the yellow arrow is just a yellow blob; different
shape/more contrast could help

84. color combination yellow + green just bites in the eyes ,)

119. at 1280x1024 the arrow just doesn't look like an arrow; more contrast
could help


Sebastian Davids

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