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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Platform UI R3.0 icon refresh.


I am obviously not a committer, but since you asked on a public forum... :)

In general I like the new icons. I looked at them on both 15 and 19 inch
monitors and at 600x800, 1024x768, and 1152 x 864. I describe a few which
are unclear below.

11. problems_view.gif - The original icon clearly says 'problem.' The new
one just looks like a list with different types of items.

15. build_exec.gif - The ones and zeros which indicate binary are so small
as to be lost when viewed at 1024 x 768 on a 15 inch monitor.

29. debug_exec.gif - The bug's head and feet are small enough that it is
hard to tell that it is a bug without looking closely.

40. import_wiz.gif - The former import and export icons were clear because
they didn't look much like other icons. The new ones could be mistaken for a
number of different things. Notice how many icons we have that have  a
rectangle as the central element. If you don't like the old icons, perhaps
try a familiar continent shape with an arrow pointing in or out.

41. export_wiz.gif - same as 40.

72. stop_nav.gif - This icon does not say stop to me, it just looks like a
blue box. 

84. up_nav.gif - That the green on the folder is an up arrow is not
immediately discernable. I had to look closely.

114. builder.gif - same as 15.

Color issues:

Red X for delete is a very common, recognizable idiom. I would not recommend
changing these to blue or grey such as in 22., 51., and 54. That the red is
bright enough to be easily seen is helpful.

From an aesthetic perspective, I think the sharper lines in the former arrow
icons (32., 33., 34.,) were clearer and easier on the eye. 

The color shift between A and Z in the new 65. alpha_mode.gif is too subtle
to be a helpful visual queue. The red Z in the old icon made it very easy to


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