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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Platform UI R3.0 icon refresh.

On March 12, 2004 05:41 pm, Jared Burns wrote:
> 5. The subtle lines of text drawn in the old bookmark icon was nice. I
> think they would look nice in the new one too (otherwise, it looks like
> a very uninteresting book :P).

5.) I agree.  The lines of text are important in giving the impression of a 
book.  The more distinct bookma is very nice though.

11.) I agree with John's commenon #11 as well.  The error and warning markers 
are displayed in the original image -- making it clear what the original icon 
is saying.  The new icon looks like a stop light.

29.) Amorphous blob?  Mmmm... nothing like some a singular-celled organism to 
make me eager to code....  :P

60.) I liked the previous collapse all.  It stood out, was fairly clear about 
its purpose, and I used it lots.

72.) I agree with John's comments.  "X", red (colour blindness issues) and 
octagons mean stop to me.  Squares mean stop, but only when placed next to a 
triangle play button.

Oh, and one things that's bothered me about both Eclipse and Visual Age 
(Smalltalk and Java).  Could we please drop the running man?  It was a great 
80s flick, but this is a world of triangles and squares.  I think the 
"stop/play/pause" metaphor from stereo and video equipment is a little more 


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