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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Platform UI R3.0 icon refresh.

An interesting question will be how many times have the old icons been copied into other places?

A lot of the icons look WASHED OUT.  For example, Run, Delete, filter task, list_mode, ... everything.
I like the new softer gradients inside shapes, but I don't like the low-contast borders and removal of color (red).  The contrast definitely needs to be brought back.

38) the old "sparkle" decoration was more familiar than the miniature OTI logo which replaced it.
39) Why are we no longer differentiating between Wizard and New..?  Again, shrunken OTI logo.

40) The new import icon says nothing.  It is just a box and a triangle, which is supposed to indicate a direction.  But really the convention for a triangle in the bottom-right corner means that the button is a drop-down.  For an example, look at Photoshop's palette.
41) same for export

Many of the arrows look bloated.  Forward, Undo, Redo, Step...

72) don't like it.  Maybe it should be black?


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