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[platform-ui-dev] Proposal - Context and pulldown menus affecting resource in Navigator view

>We could consider a Workbench menu in addition to Project.
>We would move our menu items currently under Project to Workbench
>(renaming them to Build Projects and Rebuild All Projects). In addition
>the Search menu item would move from Edit to Workbench and, as you
>suggested, Preferences would move from Window to Workbench. The JDT
>plugin would also move its Open Type item to Workbench.

Hi all,
	I'm new to this list, so I hope I don't break any unspoken rules..
I'd ordinarily lurk a bit longer, but just need to say this one thing :-)

Regarding the positioning of the "Preferences" item.  I have to strongly
agree with moving it out of the Window menu, but I'm not convinced the
"Workbench" menu is the right place for it.
For one thing, it's almost a little bit *more* global than the Workbench.
In the Preferences window (unless this has changed since the 1.0
release... apologies if it has), the topmost main item is "Workbench".  If
I go to the "Workbench" menu and select "Preferences", my *gut* instinct
is to see Workbench preferences.  If I can see other preferences there, I
might conclude that the Workbench->preferences menu item is just shortcut
to a specific section of preferences, and that the main way to get to
preferences is somewhere else (and then go hunting for it :))

What I'd suggest is moving the Preferences item to either File, Edit, or
perhaps somewhere else again.  File has the feel of a semi-global action
(along the lines of "Exit"... fairly global really), and Edit works
nicely from a readability POV - Edit->Preferences means I get to edit the

Just my $0.02

Craig Miskell

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