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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Proposal - Context and pulldown menus affecting resource in Navigator view

Thanks for your comments
see RG>

Craig Miskell <cmiskell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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12/02/01 06:43 AM
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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] Proposal - Context and pulldown menus affecting resource in Navigator view

>We could consider a Workbench menu in addition to Project.
>We would move our menu items currently under Project to Workbench
>(renaming them to Build Projects and Rebuild All Projects). In addition
>the Search menu item would move from Edit to Workbench and, as you
>suggested, Preferences would move from Window to Workbench. The JDT
>plugin would also move its Open Type item to Workbench.

Hi all,
                I'm new to this list, so I hope I don't break any unspoken rules..
I'd ordinarily lurk a bit longer, but just need to say this one thing :-)

Regarding the positioning of the "Preferences" item.  I have to strongly
agree with moving it out of the Window menu, but I'm not convinced the
"Workbench" menu is the right place for it.
For one thing, it's almost a little bit *more* global than the Workbench.
RG> I think one of the advantages of the work "Workbench" is that it very global. I consider it to include the platform UI and all its plugin contributions. It can be used for such global scoped actions as Search.

In the Preferences window (unless this has changed since the 1.0
release... apologies if it has), the topmost main item is "Workbench".  If
I go to the "Workbench" menu and select "Preferences", my *gut* instinct
is to see Workbench preferences.  If I can see other preferences there, I
might conclude that the Workbench->preferences menu item is just shortcut
to a specific section of preferences, and that the main way to get to
preferences is somewhere else (and then go hunting for it :))
RG> Perhaps a better name for the Preference category would be "General". Nevertheless that is the Workbench Preference dialog (it contains the preference pages contributed by the platform and plugins).

What I'd suggest is moving the Preferences item to either File, Edit, or
perhaps somewhere else again.  File has the feel of a semi-global action
(along the lines of "Exit"... fairly global really), and Edit works
nicely from a readability POV - Edit->Preferences means I get to edit the

Just my $0.02

Craig Miskell

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