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RE: [platform-ui-dev] StyledText Creation

I don't know much in particular about StyledText, but I can tell you a little about style bits and how to find out more about them.
Style bits are integer constants that can be "OR"ed together to specify the kind of widget you want.  They are supplied in the constructor because on many underlying OS platforms, you must pass these values when you first create the widget.
To find out what style bits a widget takes in its constructor, check the table in the Platform Plug-in Developer Guide or the javadoc for a particular widget.
You can get to the developer's guide in Eclipse by choosing Help Contents.  Then Choose "Platform Plugin Developer Guide" in the combo box.  Look for the section
    Standard Widget Toolkit->Widgets->Custom widgets.
There is a table of style bits for the custom widgets, including styled text.
This was derived from the javadoc.  For any widget, check the javadoc and you will see a heading called "Styles" which describes the ones that are relevant for the widget. 
The constants themselves are defined in the SWT class.
Hope this helps....
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Subject: [platform-ui-dev] StyledText Creation

How do I create a StyledText object.  What actually goes into the arguements ?
 I am using
currentDisplay.getActiveShell() as firstArguement (where currentDisplay = Display.getCurrent) and I never understood that SWT style bits arguement. Why is it there ?
Can I use TextViewer and then try getting the StyledText ? But for that I tried  Shell (first arguement the same currentDisplay.getActiveShell() ) but again the style bits are goofing.
 I will be really greatful if somebody can help on this.
Tons of thanks in advance.

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