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Re: [platform-ui-dev] StyledText Creation

Hi Kris,
As Nick mention in his reply to your other mail message ("Write into an opened file")  the The Eclipse Corner newgroup is a more appropriate forum for these types of  questions. This mailing list is intended for discussions on the design and  development of Eclipse UI itself, rather than questions on how to use it or its  APIs.   Posting your question to the newsgroup will typically yield a quick reply from someone in the community.  

In addition there are two articles on styled text. You can find these and other articles on the articles page:
        * Into the Deep End of SWT StyledText Widget
        * Getting Your Feet Wet with the SWT StyledText Widget


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12/01/01 06:53 AM
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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] StyledText Creation

How do I create a StyledText object.  What actually goes into the arguements ?
 I am using
currentDisplay.getActiveShell() as firstArguement (where currentDisplay = Display.getCurrent) and I never understood that SWT style bits arguement. Why is it there ?
Can I use TextViewer and then try getting the StyledText ? But for that I tried  Shell (first arguement the same currentDisplay.getActiveShell() ) but again the style bits are goofing.
 I will be really greatful if somebody can help on this.
Tons of thanks in advance.