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  • [platform-swt-dev] Deprecating Composite.changed(..) api?, Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] SWT Test case failure on Win32? (test_setCursorLocationLorg_eclipse_swt_graphics_Point), Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] FYI: Linux classpath changes, Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] macOS Port, Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • [platform-swt-dev] Backport a simple patch to 4.3, Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] Snippet project without errors..., Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] API errors?, Andrey Loskutov
  • [platform-swt-dev] Pasting text creates "funny" signs, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-swt-dev] org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Menu.setLocation complications, Damien Dudouit
  • [platform-swt-dev] Most used Linux distros/system themes for Eclipse?, Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] Move to GTK2.24, Sravan K Lakkimsetti
  • [platform-swt-dev] Update Cocoa bridge support files, Mikaël Barbero
  • [platform-swt-dev] CSS theming vs Chromium embed, Ned Twigg
  • [platform-swt-dev] Branch for Eclipse Mars 2 from git eclipse.platform.swt, lidochca G
  • [platform-swt-dev] Usage of SWT.HOT, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-swt-dev] Windows/Mac testing of Gerrit patch 79551, Eric Williams
  • [platform-swt-dev] Could I please have a code review?, Stefan Xenos
  • [platform-swt-dev] SWT communication?, Leo Ufimtsev
  • [platform-swt-dev] Java 8 and lambdas, Aleksandar Kurtakov
  • [platform-swt-dev] Could someone rebuild natives on Cocoa/Win32?, Leo Ufimtsev
  • Re: [platform-swt-dev] [platform-ui-dev] HDPI Screen Support for SWT, Daniel Megert
  • [platform-swt-dev] Crashes on linux gtk, Gurmeen Bindra
  • [platform-swt-dev] SWT Source and Binary for 4.3.2, Gurmeen Bindra
  • [platform-swt-dev] SWT unit tests, Stefan Xenos
  • [platform-swt-dev] Bug 498208 - GTK3 build machine test errors for Shell.setAlpha(), Eric Williams
  • [platform-swt-dev] Autoscale and printing, Philippe Detournay
  • Re: [platform-swt-dev] [platform-releng-dev] N20160714-2000 is successful but not promoted, Sravan K Lakkimsetti
  • [platform-swt-dev] Gerrit review for bug 443185, Eric Williams
  • [platform-swt-dev] Bumping min GTK version to 2.24, Aleksandar Kurtakov

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