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Re: [pdt-dev] Re: Code assist & auto completion


2009/1/10 Jacek Kobus <kobus.jacek@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Michael, I know how it works, and I know that pdt dev team needs to know
> what to fix. Thats obvious.
> I was testing eclipse pdt for a couple days and it seems, that problem
> occurs randomly. It's not possible to point directly, where that bug is.
> I think thats the reason why thiswasnt fixed since 1.x relases.

I'm not asking to point where the bug is - I just want the bug
documented well with specific case, like:

1. Open the following code.
2. Stay in file XXX at line: YYY
3. Press CTRL+space - no code assist for ZZZ.

Am I asking too much? :)
BTW, screencast can help also, like in: