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[pdt-dev] Code assist & auto completion

How to make Code assist & auto completion working ?
I'm asking, maybe someone knows :)

I ran through google but not found anything that would say: "dude, use notepad, ca is not workin" but saw, that there were similar problems. I just want to clear that out.

Zend Studio 6.1 is based on PDT 2.0 relased just couple days ago. OK.
I've downloaded Eclipse (free) from ZEND website, then Zend Studio for Eclipse (trial).

I think both have the same issues according to CC & Code Assist. It does not work properly !

In PDT i just have to use this stupid ctrl+space combination with just drives me crazy. Sometimes even triggers does'nt seem to work ($, :, >). I can forgot about function names compl., cause something like

substr( ...
$foo = new ObjNam...

does not show me the cc box either.

No matter if i use default options or customize em i have the same results. Nothing working.

In ZS 6.1 (its based on pdt 2.0) the code completition works ... sometimes. Worked for me in example project, but not in my new project (blank php file). So i restarted the client. It worked. In few places not everywhere.

So im asking u - do u have and use code completition, and does it work as it should ?

Im sitting on amd 64 1.9 dual core with 2 GB's of ram so i cant say that pdt is slow. its running pretty smooth.