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Re: [pdt-dev] Code assist & auto completion

Exactly guys !

I saw plenty of bug reports on the PDT website that are connected in many various ways with cc & ca.
PDT 2.1 relase date is shedlued to june 2009 ... :( hope it will be fixed cause this tool is great so many thx to ppl who are creating this.

PDT has so many GREAT features i would like to use, but those two that are not working properly ruins everything.
Currently I am working on Zend 5.5 and in my opinion its the best now. Its not free, its straight, but code completition is very fast and always works.

Sometimes i think that the problem with eclipse is, that it's too flexible, got way too much options and it's horribly complicated. This is a paradox.

I tough that im stupid but now i see that the problem isnt me, my computer neither.

Im just a bit worried cause such problems appeared already in 1.x versions and it was not fixed :(

I posted a bug report to the zend (for zend 6.1 based on PDT 2.0). We'll see what will they say about this problem.

Thanks for your replay, looking forward to hear other's opinion.

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Silver Zachara <silver.zachara@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jacek Kobus napsal(a):
> How to make Code assist & auto completion working ?
> I'm asking, maybe someone knows :)
> I ran through google but not found anything that would say: "dude, use
> notepad, ca is not workin" but saw, that there were similar problems.
> I just want to clear that out.
> --
> Zend Studio 6.1 is based on PDT 2.0 relased just couple days ago. OK.
> I've downloaded Eclipse (free) from ZEND website, then Zend Studio for
> Eclipse (trial).
> I think both have the same issues according to CC & Code Assist. It
> does not work properly !
> In PDT i just have to use this stupid ctrl+space combination with just
> drives me crazy. Sometimes even triggers does'nt seem to work ($, :,
> >). I can forgot about function names compl., cause something like
> substr( ...
> or
> $foo = new ObjNam...
> does not show me the cc box either.
> No matter if i use default options or customize em i have the same
> results. Nothing working.
> In ZS 6.1 (its based on pdt 2.0) the code completition works ...
> sometimes. Worked for me in example project, but not in my new project
> (blank php file). So i restarted the client. It worked. In few places
> not everywhere.
> So im asking u - do u have and use code completition, and does it work
> as it should ?
> Im sitting on amd 64 1.9 dual core with 2 GB's of ram so i cant say
> that pdt is slow. its running pretty smooth.
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I have similar problem, code completition doesn't work for me
everywhere, in some function doesn't work code asist for local
variables, now i have project where code assist in 20% doesn't work,
it's very frustration, after restart code assist work few min and then
work only some cc

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