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Re: [pdt-dev] Code assist & auto completion

Yup, but you have to agree, that it's the most important one.


PS: Remember to post messages also to <pdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> so others can read ur mails (use CC:).

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 5:54 PM, sNop <snop3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jacek Kobus napsal(a):
> It's okay. Next time just try to replace '@' in emails with 'at' or
> smthin so it wont get harvested by a spam boot :0
> I've read it. I'm still testing Zend Eclipse ( free one, PDT 2 ) and
> Zend 6.1 (aka Neon, commercial, PDT 2).
> (Code completion and code assist is the same thing btw.)
> It's hard to tell, why this feature is not working.
> If i will notice something new that would help in any way to locate the
> source of the problem I'll post it under this bug report.
> Sometimes i have feeling that this CC box is "fat and slow" and just
> hangs during data-read, and thats the reason why it doesnt show up.
> In Zend 5.5 its different. CC Box shows instantly, its light and fast.

ok, this broken cc is only one thing, which is intolerable, but whole PDT 2.0.x is very
very usable product