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Re: [paho-dev] [iot-wg] Future Requirements and Releases of Paho

I've tried to summarize the discussion about Paho plans on the wiki page:

Please feel free to add information, items or discussion there too.



On 08/29/2014 12:24 PM, Ian Craggs wrote:
An incubation sub-project is an interesting idea. That sounds like it could be the place for any component which has not yet matured.

I've opened to capture tools suggestions.


On 08/28/2014 04:03 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
- I am assuming the MQTT specification will evolve over the next
couple of years. Would it make sense to start an incubator to try out
some new ideas for the spec? Developers could contribute code that
implements these ideas and this would help the MQTT TC in the evolution
of the spec.
Interesting idea.  By incubator, do you mean a separate project?
Any project can request to have an incubation sub-project. All you have to
do is ask for it to be created.  More details are at

- Is MQTT-SN implemented in Paho? If not is this a potential future
A low-level MQTT-SN C already exists
(  Future
developments include higher level C++ MQTT-SN client libraries, in the same style as the MQTT embedded C libraries. I am just about to contribute some Java MQTT-SN code that was written in IBM Zurich at the time MQTT-SN was
developed.  (MQTT-SN on the server side is implemented in RSMB which
currently resides in the Mosquitto project).
Excellent. I think having MQTT-SN in par with regular MQTT would be a great

- I'd like to see a focus on creating tools to test/debug/deploy MQTT
Tools like MQTTLens I think will be critical to the adoption of MQTT.
Could Paho be the home to these types of tools.
Yes it could - I would like to see that.  I think I have been wary of
into the remit of other IoT projects. We do have some simple MQTT
apps. Then there is the interoperability test package which contains tests
clients and servers (to be improved) and a proxy to sit in between a client
server to display the packets being sent and received.  Any  ideas for
tools welcome - I have been using MQTT for so long now, it can be difficult
work out what would help newcomers.
As a starting point MQTTLens might be a good candidate. You might also open
a bug to capture other suggestions from the community.

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