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Re: [paho-dev] [iot-wg] Future Requirements and Releases of Paho

>> - I am assuming the MQTT specification will evolve over the next
>> couple of years. Would it make sense to start an incubator to try out
>> some new ideas for the spec? Developers could contribute code that
>> implements these ideas and this would help the MQTT TC in the evolution
>of the spec.
>Interesting idea.  By incubator, do you mean a separate project?

Any project can request to have an incubation sub-project. All you have to
do is ask for it to be created.  More details are at

>> - Is MQTT-SN implemented in Paho? If not is this a potential future
>> requirement.
>A low-level MQTT-SN C already exists
>(  Future
>developments include higher level C++ MQTT-SN client libraries, in the same
>style as the MQTT embedded C libraries.  I am just about to contribute some
>Java MQTT-SN code that was written in IBM Zurich at the time MQTT-SN was
>developed.  (MQTT-SN on the server side is implemented in RSMB which
>currently resides in the Mosquitto project).

Excellent. I think having MQTT-SN in par with regular MQTT would be a great

>> - I'd like to see a focus on creating tools to test/debug/deploy MQTT
>> Tools like MQTTLens I think will be critical to the adoption of MQTT.
>> Could Paho be the home to these types of tools.
>Yes it could - I would like to see that.  I think I have been wary of
>into the remit of other IoT projects.  We do have some simple MQTT
>apps.  Then there is the interoperability test package which contains tests
>clients and servers (to be improved) and a proxy to sit in between a client
>server to display the packets being sent and received.  Any  ideas for
>tools welcome - I have been using MQTT for so long now, it can be difficult
>work out what would help newcomers.

As a starting point MQTTLens might be a good candidate. You might also open
a bug to capture other suggestions from the community.  

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