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[paho-dev] Future Requirements and Releases of Paho

Hello all,

I'm wondering what the future of Paho should look like. From two points of view: functionality and participation in the wider Eclipse community.

The reason is that barring a few relatively minor enhancements (automatic reconnect, publishing when not connected, persistence), I don't see that the existing client libraries (Java, Javascript, C, Python) need a lot of new work, and could stabilize within the near future.

There may be new components - client libraries in different languages, or a different style of library for a different purpose (like the embedded C/C++ APIs I'm working on at the moment).

So the first question: are there Paho features, additional to the current libraries, or new components, that would be useful to the Eclipse IoT community?

The second question is about participation in Mars and future simultaneous releases. If the Paho components were stable but still useful, how would Paho participate in a simultaneous release?

Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Committer on Paho, Mosquitto

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