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Re: [paho-dev] Contribution of MQTT Servers (Mosquitto and RSMB)


This is great! A big +1 to including MQTT-S on both the client and server. 

It's not the Foundation's decision which project the code goes into. That is up to the projects and the PMC. But what you've proposed certainly makes sense to me. 

I will get the dual-licensing topic on the Board agenda. But to do so we will need to have a project proposal formally in hand. But I believe that should be able to happen quickly now, correct?

ā€ˇThanks again! 

Mike Milinkovich
From: Ian Craggs
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 6:35 AM
To: mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: 'Roger Light'; 'Ian Skerrett'; 'General development discussions for paho project'; 'Eclipse Management Organization'
Subject: Re: [paho-dev] Contribution of MQTT Servers (Mosquitto and RSMB)

Mike, Roger,

I now have IBM approval for the contribution of the RSMB codebase to
Eclipse :-)

Happily from my point of view, this also includes the up-to-now
unreleased MQTT-S server support in RSMB, and some MQTT-S client code in
C and Python. If you agree to the inclusion of MQTT-S support, I will
amend the Mosquitto project draft proposal to mention MQTT-S as well as
MQTT. I'm thinking that the MQTT-S client code ought to go into Paho.

(We are still discussing the renaming of MQTT-S to MQTT-SN with our
legal dept., hopefully that will be resolved soon).

I am drafting the presentation for the request for approval from the
Board for dual-licensing the proposed Mosquitto project - I'll share
that with you when it's ready.


On 12/08/13 21:44, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
> So the next step is to submit the proposal to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx in html format.
> We will also need a very short presentation to give to the Board in order to get their approval for dual-licensing the project. Two recent examples of such a presentation are attached.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: rogerlight@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:rogerlight@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Roger Light
>> Hi all,
>> The changes look good to me, I think it's in pretty good shape now.
>> I agree with what Ian says about code merging and just to add that I look
>> forward to seeing the rsmb code and finding the bits that it does better than
>> mosquitto.

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