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[p2-dev] p2.director gap when installing via jar:file url

I'll push my luck and ask about another issue I've run into.

Our project's build produces some deliverable zips that don't have p2 metadata information in them. If I unzip such a deliverable and point p2.director to it, it has no problem working with it; it can list and install the IUs. My understanding is that this works because p2 generates the metadata on the fly.

If I instead point p2 to the zip file via a jar:file URL, it claims it can't find the repositories. Is this unequal treatment intentional or a bug? Seems to me it could just as well generate the p2 data from the zip contents.

Naturally, the right thing to do is to get our builds producing p2 repos, and I'll pursue that. Still, it seems odd (and dare I say, unfair) that cannot accommodate a zip to the same extent that it does a directory tree. I'll open a bug if this is unintentional. Just need to know.


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