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[p2-dev] Question about non-greedy optional dependencies

I know that it is possible to disable greedy installation of optional
by following instructions here:

My question follows from this scenario.

Let's say I start with 3 bundles called:

com.non-optional has a non-optional dependency on com.required.
com.non-greedy-optional has a non-greedy optional dependency on com.required.

Let's say that I uninstall com.non-optional.

What will happen to com.required?  Will it stick around because of the
optional dependency coming from com.non-greedy-optional?  But, since
the dependency is non-greedy, would that mean that com.required would
be uninstalled?

I am going to try this out, but since there is a very long feedback
loop between setting up the p2.inf files and getting a build back that
I can try, I was hoping to hear back from someone to see what behavior
I should be expecting.  Thanks.


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