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Re: [p2-dev] can platform be updated via p2?

OSGi frameworks allow installing several versions of the same bundle, unless they are marked as singletons.  If you want to replace a bundle or feature, you need to first remove the old and then install the new.

On 27-Oct-2011, at 8:40 PM, John Cortell wrote:
> "C:\eclipse_3.7\eclipsec" ^
>    -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director  ^
>    -nosplash ^
>    -consoleLog ^
>    -profile PlatformProfile ^
>    -installIU org.eclipse.platform.ide ^
>    -repository file:/f:/temp/testp2/plat361p2 ^
>    -destination f:\temp\testp2\plat36\eclipse
> What I get in stdout is
>         Installing org.eclipse.platform.ide 3.6.0.I20100608-0911
>         Operation completed in 5688 ms.

That's because p2 looked for a version that would satisfy all the other IUs currently installed — including org.eclipse.platform.ide 3.6.0.  Since 3.6.1 would cause an error with 3.6.0, it chose to re-install 3.6.0.

You should get more mileage by using "-uninstallIU org.eclipse.platform.ide -installIU org.eclipse.platform.ide".  You can also force a particular version with 'org.eclipse.platform.ide/3.6.1.r361_v20100909-9gF78GrkFqw7GrsZnvz0JWNTeb6fue6896L', though I think you need to specify the full version


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