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Re: [p2-dev] can platform be updated via p2?

On 10/27/2011 11:21 PM, Brian de Alwis wrote:
That's because p2 looked for a version that would satisfy all the other IUs currently installed — including org.eclipse.platform.ide 3.6.0. Since 3.6.1 would cause an error with 3.6.0, it chose to re-install 3.6.0.
You should get more mileage by using "-uninstallIU org.eclipse.platform.ide -installIU org.eclipse.platform.ide".  You can also force a particular version with 'org.eclipse.platform.ide/3.6.1.r361_v20100909-9gF78GrkFqw7GrsZnvz0JWNTeb6fue6896L', though I think you need to specify the full version
I tried "-uninstallIU org.eclipse.platform.ide -installIU org.eclipse.platform.ide" and got
Installing org.eclipse.platform.ide 3.6.0.I20100608-0911.
Uninstalling org.eclipse.platform.ide 3.6.0.I20100608-0911. no improvement there.

I tried executing the uninstall and install independenetly.The uninstall works fine. The install says:
Installation failed.
The installable unit org.eclipse.platform.ide has not been found.
Let me repeat that the p2 repo I'm trying to install from has no IU called org.eclipse.platform.ide, so I'm not surprised by this result. Am I using the wrong p2 repo? I'm using


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