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Re: [orion-dev] Proposals for enhancement to ContentAssist

Am 13.11.12 20:14, schrieb Andrew Eisenberg:
>> I have no idea how plugins can provide CSS-Styles and what security
>> concerns this would bring in the web orion space because I'm coming from
>> the embedded story only.
> Understood.  We are largely in the same situation.  We are using the
> Orion editor without the server and have very different security
> concerns.  I am not an expert in this area.  I only know that an
> earlier proposal by me was rejected due to security.  Perhaps someone
> more familiar with this issue can comment.

I guess you are talking about:

I can understand the security problem with HTML but not the CSS one.
Maybe Susan can explain what problem is with that.

>>> 2. Perhaps instead of a styleClass, you simply provide an icon (just a
>>> url to an icon that you want to use).  And delegate the rest of the
>>> styling to the segments.  Or is there something more fundamental that
>>> you would like the styleClass to handle?
>> Having an icon only would probably do the trick. I thought a styleClass
>> would be nicer and provide users more possibilities but if there's a
>> security concern with using a styleClass, an image would be enough for
>> my use case as at the moment.
> The way that you are doing things now requires a fixed set of styles
> in embeddededitor.css.  This may be fine, but where do we draw the
> line as to which styles should be included?  The three styles that you
> have now are specific to Java and JavaFX.  They don't make sense for
> JS, HTML, or CSS.  We'd need separate styles for all of them, plus any
> other languages and markup Orion is going to officially support.  And
> we couldn't support anything else.  For this reason, an img url would
> be best.

Right but shouldn't we first find out if plugins can contribute

first someone tell us if one can or cannot contribute CSS-Styles from a
plugin? If it is not possible then we'll have to go with the image
approach. IIRC Holger said he's providing an image and even instead of
pointing to an URL he's sending them as Base64-Encode ones.


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