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Re: [orion-dev] Proposals for enhancement to ContentAssist

Am 13.11.12 18:27, schrieb Andrew Eisenberg:
> Hi Tom,
> I can have a chat with you. 
> I assume that you are talking about this proposal:
> {
>   "styleClass" : "public-method",
>   "segments" : [
>      { "value" : "bla() : void" },
>      { "value" : " - Test",
>           "style" : {
>              "bold" : "false",
>              "italic" : "false",
>              "color" : "AAA"
>           }
>      }
>   ]
> }


> A few questions about this:
> 1. Who will provide the styleClasses?  Are they hard coded by orioin or
> provided by plugins?  If the former, that follows the same limitation
> that we have regarding styling.  If the latter, then we get into
> security concerns.

Well I'm coming from a different direction, because I'm running without
any server and plugin infrastructure from the local-filesystem loading
teh orion editor into an embedded browser.

So in my case I'll provide them through

So in my current case I pass a string like this:
  "proposal": "setX()" ,
         "styleClass": "content-item method-item",
         "segments": [
                 "value":"setX(double) : void"
                 "value":" - Window",
                 "style": {
                     "bold":  false ,
                     "italic": false ,
         ]} ,
         "escapePosition": 443 ,
         "style": "attributedString",
         "replace":  true

I have no idea how plugins can provide CSS-Styles and what security
concerns this would bring in the web orion space because I'm coming from
the embedded story only.

> 2. Perhaps instead of a styleClass, you simply provide an icon (just a
> url to an icon that you want to use).  And delegate the rest of the
> styling to the segments.  Or is there something more fundamental that
> you would like the styleClass to handle?

Having an icon only would probably do the trick. I thought a styleClass
would be nicer and provide users more possibilities but if there's a
security concern with using a styleClass, an image would be enough for
my use case as at the moment.

> 3. I like the idea of segments.  For a little nit picking, I would
> recommend using something like "foreground" and "background" instead of
> just color, or fore-color and back-color, or something to distinguish
> the two kinds of coloring that we might want to do.

I've chose color because that's name of the css-Attribute but having
foreground and background-color is not a problem. I'll add them.


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