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Re: [orion-dev] Needed: 10 minute talks for an Orion Symposium at EclipseCon North America


Since I'm one of the early adopters of Orion, I think it would be judicious if I can share with you in a few words the rationale behind why I have embedded your editor into my Java web application. The concept I'm currently developing is simple : Your Java web application is also your IDE of course if you have the right back-end modules (/admin/*) to transform it into that and the Eclipse IDE is really my model. Also everything has been made possible by the fact that I have also created a web framework on top of the Java Server Faces web framework . And it was not too difficult to achieve since I'm a member of the JCP and also a member of the JSF 2.2 Expert group ( ) but before resigning. I strongly believe that _javascript_ on the Client-Side + Restful services on the Server-Side is ultimately the right direction for us. But do they give us a way to encapsulate and share our work into a reusable component? Is it possible to use Orion, ACE, CodeMirror and such without worrying about the details and with  just the use of one tag in a web page like this: <c:fileEditor folder="resources/js"/>

Here is a brief introduction of the Components of my System :

- Multi-Templating System

Like the Joomla Content Management System , I have a multi-templating system to make a web application change its look and feel at runtime. Just Preview and select one...


- Modular System ( Divide to Conquer )


- Editors 


- Plugins 

Common Integration with JSLint, Beautify, CSSLint......for all of my source code editors.


Any of my Components are usable remotely from my upcoming platform, something like Eclipse Market Place where you can create or edit them directly in the Cloud....

Best Regards
Mamadou Lamine Ba

De : Ken Walker <Ken_Walker@xxxxxxxxxx>
À : Orion developer discussions <orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Envoyé le : Mardi 13 novembre 2012 15h59
Objet : [orion-dev] Needed: 10 minute talks for an Orion Symposium at EclipseCon North America

There is a plan to host a few "Symposium" style longer 50 minute sessions around a particular trend, project or topic and I'd like to propose an Orion Symposium.

What I need is some participants who will be at EclipseCon and would like to have 10 minutes to demo or talk about their adoption of Orion components or the project as a whole.

Perhaps even if you're already giving a talk, a short window to focus in on a particular aspect of something you use, have changed, or want from the project would be great things to present.

We are often asked about adoption of Orion and this is a great opportunity to show the various ways in which Orion can be leveraged in business, another project or in research.

Also tweeted -;-)


Ken Walker
Co-Lead Eclipse Orion Project | Tools for the Web, On the Web |

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