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Re: [orion-dev] Needed: 10 minute talks for an Orion Symposium at EclipseCon North America


I would like to show something about our research project Xtext in the web. As I already presented on EclipseCon Europe we are using Orion to show an IDE-server based embedded editor for DSLs using Xtext.
We have validation, contentassist, highlighting and hover for any DSL that is based on Xtext.



Am 13.11.2012 um 15:59 schrieb Ken Walker <Ken_Walker@xxxxxxxxxx>:

There is a plan to host a few "Symposium" style longer 50 minute sessions around a particular trend, project or topic and I'd like to propose an Orion Symposium.

What I need is some participants who will be at EclipseCon and would like to have 10 minutes to demo or talk about their adoption of Orion components or the project as a whole.

Perhaps even if you're already giving a talk, a short window to focus in on a particular aspect of something you use, have changed, or want from the project would be great things to present.

We are often asked about adoption of Orion and this is a great opportunity to show the various ways in which Orion can be leveraged in business, another project or in research.

Also tweeted - ;-)


Ken Walker
Co-Lead Eclipse Orion Project | Tools for the Web, On the Web |

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