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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 23:23 -0500, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> We currently get the ICU binary and source bundles directly from the
> ICU team and simply include them in the build.  No ziping, tarring,
> jaring, slicing, dicing or even julien'ing.  The complete built
> bundles do happen to be in CVS somewhere to facilitate repeatable
> builds but they are just stashed there in complete, built form.  Does
> a source JAR in the form we currently ship work for you? 

No, there's no way generate the build scripts with "src" plugins so we
can't build it. I think I a lot of people get confused on this point and
think that it's possible to build a bundle from the source bundle. If we
could make a standalone app to build binary bundles from source bundles,
only needing eclipse if the bundle needs eclipse to compile, that would

> Unfortunately I did mean the ICU and SSH projects.  Basically assume
> that Eclipse was out of your picture but you were including some
> random wad of Java code for some function and that wad used ICU.
>  Would you expect the project creating the wad to also have the source
> for ICU in their repo?  Map this out to people who use commons
> logging, log4j etc etc.   

I agree that in the general case of using a third party library, a
project shouldn't include that source in their repo. But, the icu4j
bundles are different because they require eclipse to create the build
files which creates a cycle in the build dependency tree. If you were to
include the source for the icu4j bundles in your repo, you could avoid
this cycle because the build files would be generated and included like
all of the other bundles in the SDK.

> BTW, what do you do for JSCH?  We don't even have/ship source for
> that. 

We build JSCH from the upstream source, unpack the bundle, remove the
class files you provide, replace them with the class files that we
compiled from the original upstream source and finally repack the jar. I
think this is what all the Linux distros will have to do for all of the
Orbit provided bundles when projects start using them. 

Thanks, Ben

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