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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

On 1/18/07, Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you are suggesting that others could use Maven to create bundles that Orbit would
consume, sure.  But, we can really only get stuff directly from the originator.  Its not really
acceptable for us to get Apache stuff form Bob in his basement.  I for one would be tickled
pink to not do any of this bundling crap and just have all libraries appear on our doorstep as
real OSGi bundles.

we try to do like that in the Maven repository, but experience tells
me that there are many projects that don't care about other projects
or don't want to spend time on the process. So for those cases you'd
have to build it yourself, which may take you a good amount of time,
or accept contributions from "trusted" people.

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