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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

Hi Ben,
Ben Konrath wrote:
Do you think it would be possible to build Buckminster and materialize
the third party bundle without relying on eclipse to avoid a cycle in
the build dependency tree? Actually, you could probably rely on the
parts of eclipse that don't have third party jars, but that would
complicate the build a little or require some kind of bootstrap process.

We've tried to minimize the dependencies as much as possible. The Buckminster core is dependent on the org.eclipse.core.resources , the org.eclipse.update.core (since it can extend itself from an Eclipse update site), and the bundles it in turn is dependent on. Neither our core, nor the Eclipse plugins we depend on have dependencies to third party jars and I don't think we would need to introduce any such dependencies in order to create this tool.

We do have a dependency to junit today, but that's subject to change since we are now moving all tests to test fragments or dedicated test plugins.

Thomas Hallgren

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