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[mpc-dev] Plugin updates are not possible for regular users from "Install New Software", but are possible from Eclipse Marketplace?

Hello dear mpc developers,

I have a shared eclipse installation, and I would like regular user to be able to update plugins from Install New Software that has been provided in shared installation. This seems to be not possible, but when a regular user tries to install same plugin from Eclipse marketplace, it is possible, The plugin is installed in user's cache location, the  ~/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_4.6.3_1159942118_linux_gtk_x86_64 in my case.

How did you made it possible? Do you know why it is locked from Install New Software? 
Eclipse marketplace is nice, but we don't want to set proxy and we would like regular users to be able to update our plugins from local artifactory repo. 
Do you know if there is a configuration that could allow updates from Install New Software ?

I am trying to debug both plugins :
and find the differences. At the end both should use same command. Can you point me to the code where updates are done?

I tested with eclipse neon 3 on linux. Other regular users cannot update plugins that are already installed (though they are able to install new plugins, and they are able to update existing plugins from eclipse marketplace). 
So, e.g. a test user can update EGIt from Marketplace but not from Install New Software.
What can I do to allow individual users to update existing plugins from Install New Software?  

1. When a regular user is using "Install New Software" command and tries to update an existing plugin, any simple plugin that does not have any missing dependencies, he gets the error message: 
"Cannot complete the request. See error log for details. 
[PLUGIN_NAME] will be ignored because it is already installed, and updates are not permitted."

2. When a regular user tries to update same plugin from Help-> Check for updates-> Available updates dialog, he gets the message:
"Insufficient access privileges to apply this update"

3. But, when a regular user tries to update existing plugin from Eclipse Marketplace, it successfully works.
E.g. EGIT:
Original location of eclipse is a readonly shared location and it's default paths for plugins is:

When regular user succeeds to update e.g.EGIT with Marketplace, it is copied in user's cache:

Please help. I would be very grateful for any help.
Thank you

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