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[mpc-dev] Committer Election for Leif Geiger on Eclipse Marketplace Client has started

A committer election for Leif Geiger on project Eclipse Marketplace Client
(technology.packaging.mpc) was started by Carsten Reckord with this criteria:

Leif is a product manager and software engineer at Yatta, leading our
Eclipse-based software development teams. He's a long-time Eclipse RCP
developer with lots of experience in Eclipse runtime, OSGi and SWT
development. He has already helped substantially with MPC's 2019-03 release
and is working actively towards the upcoming 2019-06 one, with code
contributions as well as project planning and bug triage. His analytical
thinking, software engineering skills and management experience make him a
great addition to any team, so I'd really like to welcome him in the MPC

Some of Leif's contributions so far:

dc8eeba - Bug 546507: Installation via Drag and Drop does only work on first
page of the wizard
58a9de4 - Bug 546141: Incompatible Entry notification is broken
8f7c227 - 511447: IllegalArgumentException below
6b8b802 - 538073: ExecutionException in
1dd166f - 527032: 3rd party caused SWTException below
aebc900 - 510448: SWTException below ImportFavoritesPage$2$ (thrown in
9a26dd1 - 489713: NoClassDefFoundError below
336a746 - 485245: UI freeze in MarketplaceDropAdapter.hookRecursive (2.1s)

Eclipse Marketplace Client project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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