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Re: [mosquitto-dev] web site

Hi Ian,

> 1. I think we all would agree having two web sites, and
>, is not sustainable. I hope the goal is to get to one
> mosquitto web site.

Yes, agreed.

> 4. Regardless of the url, the current site does not make
> reference to being an Eclipse project. It doesn't link to the terms of use,
> privacy policy, etc. I'd like to see this changed. We can also help with
> making these changes. :-)

Yeah, that's a very good point and I'll see about getting that fixed.

> 5. For the other mosquitto sites, I am not sure if you see issues moving
> those to or you are just making us aware of them.  Do you see a
> problem hosting downloads or a debian repo at Eclipse?  As you stated we
> already host a test server so that seems to be easy.

Mostly just making you aware - although I don't think that the way the
downloads and Linux repos work are compatible with the download mirror



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