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Re: [mosquitto-dev] web site

Hi Ian,

I'm very much in two minds about this. I can see from the point of
view of the Eclipse Foundation removing * would probably
be better, but from the point of view of the project itself it is a
retrograde step. I started work on but it was
difficult to see how it could be made to work in parallel and has
stalled, as you say. I think I'd really rather change it so that redirected to, so there was
consistency at least.

I would very much like to see is a revamp of the webpages to something
more professional looking, and if at the same time it was possible to
unify in some way both and then
that would be good. Fixing this is not something within my skill set
at the moment! :) If we could make it so they both behaved exactly the
same, that could be good - then everybody using* could
go there, and likewise*. Does that sound
reasonable? Or just liable to be confusing?

We might as well have a run down of the state of things at the moment.
There are four sites,,, and is the main site. The content itself could be anywhere.
I'm committed to not breaking any URLs though. The ability to have
downloads as an indexable directory is an extremely useful feature for
Linux distros and other build systems as Peter says, so I would not
want to give that up. This potentially goes against the mirror system
for normal downloads. The normal Eclipse downloads work fine for the
Windows executables. is the debian repository hosted by the project,
with the latest version of mosquitto. It is a proper debian repository
and needs directory access as above. This is a popular resource, with
about 12k downloads of .deb files in the past month. mirrors the functionality of (well,
the other way round really :) but as well as offering a broker to test
against, is also crucial in the development of mosquitto. It's just so
useful having a large stock of clients connecting and doing their own
thing and can bring out bugs very quickly on big changes.  I see running a stable version of the broker with long
uptimes and running the cutting edge,
in-development code. is the same as, but only
resolves an IPv6 address, so is useful for developers who want to
ensure their clients are using IPv6. It's just a DNS entry, but is
worthy of note.

I'm not entirely sure how that all fits in to the way Eclipse wants
projects to work.

On a related note, I've not been happy with the logo for a while. I've
tried some new designs myself but haven't come up with anything of
note. Is there anybody out there who could help along those lines?



On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 7:27 PM, Ian Skerrett <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> I noticed that the web site is still in active use and in fact
> people continue to point to it. [1]   It is awesome to see so many people
> using Mosquitto but I'd like to see the project complete the transition to
> hosting the project website on  This was started but it seemed
> to have stalled. [2]
> Is this anything we can do to help finish this move?
> Ian
> [1]
> [2]
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