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Re: [mosquitto-dev] web site

Hi Roger,

I will let Ian comment on your thoughts regarding the website, but a quick
comment regarding the logo as per your comment below:

>On a related note, I've not been happy with the logo for a while. I've
>tried some new designs myself but haven't come up with anything of
>note. Is there anybody out there who could help along those lines?

We've been pretty successful crowdsourcing project's logos in the past
(e.g. Smarthome [1], Kura [2], Leshan [3]), on platforms like 99designs.
"All" you need is to come up with a solid brief, that highlights what you
expect from the logo, and then make sure to dedicate some time to review
the submissions while they are coming, so as the designers can really
tweak the best proposals to make them even better suited to your needs
before the contest ends.
You can see the brief for Leshan at [4]. I would be happy to help with a
brief for Mosquitto, if that's helpful, and Eclipse is also happy to
"sponsor" the contest.

Benjamin ­




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