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[mosquitto-dev] Error - Unknown client certificate type

I have a MQTT client application using client certificates that is trying to connect to a Mosquitto broker and the following error is being returned:


“unknown client certificate type: 64”


The version of Mosquitto that I’m trying to connect to is V1.4.7 and is running on a Debian 7 server.  As a test, I have also setup Mosquitto V1.4.7 on my Ubuntu 15.10 laptop and tried to connect there as well but I still get this same error.


I also have Mosquitto V1.4.4 running on a Windows 7 laptop and the client application connects just fine there using the exact same certificates.


Just for a little more information, I have other applications running on different platforms and they can all connect and publish just fine to Mosquitto on the Debian 7 server.


Any help or pointers of what to look for will be much appreciated.





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