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[mosquitto-dev] max_inflight_messages


Been using MQTT and Mosquitto for sometime now but never really looked at max_inflight_messages

Question from my side regarding: [max_inflight_messages]

Lets say the mosquitto.conf max_inflight_messages 100

Q1: Is this settings per connection/device/entity - so each connection will have a 100 inflight message allowed, or is this a GLOBAL flag?

Q2: What happens if the 100 is reach? Do we see message dropped?

Q3: What do max_inflight_messages actually refer to - if we send an QoS1 message, will the message be regarded as in-flight until the device responds with an ack?

Q4: Is the in-flight messages queued in memory or written to disk?

Warm regards
Izak Smit

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